MacReady Artisan Breads Selection Varies Daily!

We use the highest-quality ingredients that are mixed, slowly fermented, hand-shaped and baked in small batches.

To make a special bread-it all starts with the finest ingredients. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Meuer Farm in Chilton, WI. They take just as much pride in their products as we do. Meuer Farm does things the old-fashioned way-and while that means more hard work in the field, the result is grains that are more nutritious and most importantly-taste better.

The grains we use from Meuer require special attention here at our bakery too. For the best taste and texture, we adjust hydration to suit the specific grain and milling process that was used. Then we hand knead the dough and allow the breads to rise naturally and freely without using a shaping mold.

The end result? Come see and taste for yourself!

Some of our artisan breads include:

  • This slow-risen artisan bread is made from whole durum semolina and features a distinctive golden color, a slightly buttery flavor and a chewy, satisfying crust. This bread is rich in protein, high in complex carbohydrates and features a low glycemic index. Great news for bread enthusiasts wishing to control or reduce their weight and blood sugar.

  • A Door County favorite! This popular, antioxidant rich bread is full of both Door County tart cherries and dried cranberries. This bread features freshly ground cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla and local Door County wildflower honey, creating an amazing aroma, rich flavor and beautiful color.

  • This hearty, fiber-rich whole grain bread is made with hard red spring wheat, steel cut oats, quinoa, amaranth, triticale, rolled oats, rye, barley, spelt, ground flax meal, whole flax seed, hulled millet, toasted sunflower seeds and soft white wheat. This delicious whole grain bread is both satisfying and healthy. It’s no wonder that this artisan bread has quickly become one of our ‘signature’ breads.

  • This popular and original bread features a golden brown, chewy crust and a dense interior crumb; reminiscent of a traditional bagel in both texture and flavor. Our bagel bread features a flavorful topping that includes kosher salt, coarse black pepper, garlic, onion, red pepper and toasted caraway seeds.

  • This breakfast favorite features freshly ground cinnamon, plump raisins and a touch of Madagascar vanilla. Boasting a heavenly aroma and unforgettable flavor. Our original recipe will quickly make you forget the troubles of the day and savor each delicious bite. The aroma of this bread when baking in our ovens attracts folks from all over town.  

  • This satisfying whole grain bread is rich, delicious and super healthy! Featuring ground flaxseeds, toasted whole flaxseeds, toasted sunflower seeds and whole wheat flour.  This bread has quickly become one of our most popular sellers at the bakery!

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