Nut Free and Fabulous. We look forward to coming here for lunch every year. One of the owner’s Jennifer, is so personable. She has a passion for good bread, local vegetables and meats. Her chicken salad sandwich will not disappoint and her soups are unique and delicious. The best thing is she decided to go nut free. She still has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich option, but it’s only made in one spot in the kitchen and she understands the severity of nut allergies. All of her baked goods are nut free. She uses seeds in an amazing way to provide a nutty, buttery flavor. Our son was so excited to get a baked treat this year because it was safe and so were we as we usually don’t get one because we feel bad he can’t enjoy it with us. The cherry roll and multigrain mix cookie were sensational. Don’t miss out.

Eric McFadden
July 26, 2022