Trust me —- you can’t go wrong in this shop!
I live in Upper Peninsula Michigan now, but still crave the bread, soups, sandwiches and treats. When I come back to visit, this is a place I make sure I make time to stop in to!
PS: I’m not really a fan of tomato soup… but THIS tomato soup is absolutely delicious! And it will re-set the bar (a LOT higher) to judge all other tomato soups against!
When you get bread to go, either plan to eat it right away or freeze it, because they don’t put chemicals and stuff in it to extend the shelf life. It’s bread, and nothing else. Life the way it should be 👍🏻
The chicken pot pies…. oh! my! heart!!
(it will also re-set your future expectations)

Susie Milo
November 30, 2021